Why the Women in Orange County are Doing Boudoir Photo Shoots & Why You Should too!
"Amazing things come from getting outside of your comfort zone!" Find out why women in your community and all over the world are opting out of their comfort zones and into experiencing their very own boudoir photo shoot!
  • "I am one of those girls that don't like pictures of herself, so when I saw the photos she took I was in shock! I loved every single one of them!"
  • ​"I was super nervous, but she knew just how to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. The experience was amazing and the pictures turned out better than I expected."
  • ​"Leonor was so sweet to me! She helped me all the way with what to do and how to pose, I also felt so comfortable! "
  • ​"From start to finish my experience getting to do something I would never normally do was amazing. Leonor was kind and reassuring and made sure I always felt comfortable throughout the whole process."
About The Photographer
Meet Leonor!
Leonor Alvarez is the owner of Eleven by Leonor and a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer in Orange County, California! She's been leading a movement of women getting confidence boosting boudoir shoots since 2016. She loves working with women of ALL sizes and from any location around California. Some of her clients have even traveled 3 hours or more to have their boudoir shoot experience with her. Leo says, "after shooting my first boudoir shoot I was hooked! Seeing her enter my studio feeling shy and unsure and leaving my studio skipping out the door with confidence was just simply amazing. I KNEW I needed to help more women feel like this. We ALL deserve to feel confident, sexy and unstoppable!"
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